Pacific Blend

  • Pacific Bar Therapy

  • Table Thai

  • Thai stretch

All massages come with a 5 star signature service of a hot, bubbly foot bath, back body scrub and large steamed hot towels.

All sessions are 2 hours long for $140.

All sessions are a minimum of 2 hours in order to work on any problematic areas to satisfaction. This includes any clinical massage needed and a relaxing massage to wind down in the end.

Benefit from the Pacific Rim modalities such as:

  • Traditional Thai (modified for the table): Therapeutic
  • Pacific Bar Therapy: Relaxing
  • Hawaiian Swedish with hot stones: Relaxing
  • Filipino Hilot: Relaxing
  • Guided Meditation and relaxed meditative breath work: turns off the "busy" internal dialog that fuels stress.
  • All Pacific Rim modalities are customized to your body's preferences on one table.